About the Game

Welcome to the 'Schlangenprogrammiernacht', a programming game initially developed for GPN19. This is the bytewerk’s official permanent installation. Feel free to join!

Program your own snake’s behaviour, eat as much as you can and try not to die. Remember: always keep a healthy distance to other snakes!

Everybody is invited to join! Simply create an account and start coding.

If you never played SPN before, you may want to watch the Introduction Talk at GPN18 and the presentation of version 2 at GPN19 (both in German).

About this Server

This server is running on a VM with 4 CPU cores and 4 GiB RAM assigned.

Currently we use the unmodified default settings from the Git repository. This is subject to change.

Get the Code!

The SPN server is Free Software! Get the code here.

Contact us

If you have a question or just want to talk to us, join our XMPP Group Chat or the #spn IRC channel on HackInt (reaction times may be slower on IRC).


Changelog for this instance

Let’s try some fun rules: Boost now accelerates by a factor of 10, but drops 2% mass each frame.
Merged the experimental Python-Support from this pull-request on Github.
Initial setup